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If you would like more information about a particular meeting content please contact Lydia Adylett 828-226-2621

Welcome to the Piedmont Dairy Goat Association
2018 Meetings & Upcoming Events Calendar

Meetings are the second Sunday of every month with a few exceptions. Lunch starts at 1 p.m. and the meeting starts at 2 p.m.

In the event the weather is bad, call:828.226-2621. If you are not a member and would like to join: Click here for a membership application. Join our facebook page Piedmont Dairy Goats for direction information to a meeting or call 828.230.2512.

1/14/18 Sandburg Kidding/ Chris

2/11/ 18 Sandburg Milking/Lydia, et al.

3/11/18 Sandburg Dr.Vicky parasite control

4/8/18 John Thornton Tattoo, disbud, hooves, draw blood

5/06/18 Lydia Aydlett Cheesemaking

6/10/18 Madison Co.Fairgrounds DHIR

7/08/18 Angelica Linear appraisal

8/12/18 Elizabeth Strub Annual auction!

9/09/18 usually cancelled because of WNC Mountain State Fair

10/14/18 Sandburg Herd health care/testing vaccination

11/11/18 Madison Fair grounds AI/Buck collection (cold weather

12/9/18 Elizabeth Strub Christmas party